Sergey Karayev

My goal is to deploy AI systems to improve human life.

Feel free to get in touch via Twitter or email. I also have LinkedIn / Github / a CV.

Full Stack Deep Learning

I co-founded an educational program that helps you go from a promising ML experiment to a shipped product, with real-world impact. All of our materials are available for free online.

Misc Talks


I co-founded Gradescope, an AI-assisted tool for grading all kinds of exams and assignments. Gradescope was acquired as a standalone product by Turnitin, a leading ed tech provider, where I worked as Head of AI.

PhD at UC Berkeley

I finished a PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, working on computer vision with Trevor Darrell, teaching with Pieter Abbeel, and interning at Adobe Creative Technologies Lab and Artsy.

BS at University of Washington

I was fortunate to work first with Luis Ceze and then Steve Seitz on undergraduate research at UW Seattle. In 2019, I was honored by the UW Engineering Early Career Award.

Other stuff