Days nine and ten: the Darkness.

Since my last post, I have taken only 2 pictures, which I here present. The reason for the dearth is that I only take pictures of good things, and few good things happened. Yesterday, after Netherlands whoopered Uruguay, I lay down on a beach. The piercing wind was cold but the sun and sand were hot and I was pleased. But after we got on our bikes again, nothing went right. Strong headwinds, long hills, closed shops, and the awfulness of Lincoln City defeated us.  Oh, and I also got a flat. Actually, two.

Today, we rode 60 miles of reportedly some of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Oregon, which today happened to be shrouded in a cold gray mist. The ride was supposed to be moderately easy, but because instead of the tailwinds the book assumes we keep riding into headwind, today exceptionally ferocious, we didn't reach camp until 930.

But some good things happened: we did see some great views, and we ate delicious sandwiches for lunch in Newport. The photos quite poorly document these two facts.

Tomorrow should be an easy 20 miles to Winchester Bay, and then hanging out with Mallory in the sand dunes. Good night.

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  • Jul 7 2010, 11:15 PM
    ANONYMOUS responded:

    Why the hell wouldn't you get the Turkey Gobler? It looks delicious. Otherwise, good post. Keep up the good work.

    -matt olson