Eleven, twelve, and thirteen

Over the past two days, we seem to have settled in to a nice groove: cycling a reasonable distance, getting in to camp early, cooking up a delicious dinner, and heading off to bed. After the dark days of the previous post, we decided to take it easier and not focus on just making miles but on having a memorable time. Since I still want to be back early August, and since we want to deviate from the beaten path to go on the Lost Coast route, we may not make it as far as we had hoped, but if the last three days are any indication, it'll turn out to be a good decision.

We started the transition to easy times with a day of hanging out with Mallory and her friend Meg. Before meeting up with them, we played in the Oregon Dunes, as attested to by the photos below. After a Thai lunch in Winchester Bay, we also cooked up delicious vegetables and sausages and Zipper reported that he may have seen a ghost every day in fourth grade. We also talked to an old crab fisherman who told us a jumble of stories from his Air Force days and shared the best crabbing spots around the pier.

The next day we went an easy 30 miles to Sunset Bay park, getting in early enough to try our luck in seeing seals of all kinds. We heard seals aplenty but the damned mist obscured them. Still, we had a nice time grilling up hot links and then listening to a middle aged Chico-Alaska tourist.

The mist seems to come in around four in the afternoon from the ocean and cover the coast in a thick white,  and unfortunately cold, blanket. We saw it roll in today as we were sitting on the Bandon marina, digesting bread bowls of clam chowder and about a pound of delicious candy samples from the Sweet Cranberry factory. And we rode into it later today, exchanging sunny, hot highway 101for cold and foggy Cape Blanco state park in the course of a few miles. Dinner today consisted of farm fresh eggs scrambled and placed on fire warmed bagels. This campground has firewood branches scattered everywhere; our fire reached tremendous heights. Tomorrow we'll probably take it easy again: after all, Netherlands needs our orange Jerseyd support (although my heart is with Spain).

And now its actually end of day "tomorrow", but this is the first time I have wifi. Oregon is seemingly not respected by T-Mobile, as I've had no reception for four days now.

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