The Yay: twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, and thirty DONE

First off, a video from an incredibly nice ride through the Redwoods. It was just a smooth downhill glide for what felt like several miles. It was so beautiful that we didn't pedal at all and just took it in. 

At the end of the last post, Sam and I finally arrived in Berkeley. The next few days saw a mad flurry of activity: moving into a new place, a lot of shopping, chores such as car maintenance, Sam bought a laptop and we checked a bunch of things off our lists. It felt pretty good being able to get so much done after days where the only accomplishment was getting from A to B and eating something. 

We also found time to visit our friend Francis at Facebook (great lunch!), walk all over Stanford, and enjoy burritos and drinks in the Mission. It was soon time for Sam to go down to LA and visit more friends. We parted ways with a bearlike embrace on the doorstep of my new house, exactly a month after setting out from our home in Edmonds for the Canadian border.

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