Days six and seven: Chilling Time

After our 100 mile ride to Portland (average speed 12 MPH), we commenced not doing much at all. On Saturday we went to Powell's world of books, where I acquired Sometimes a Great Notion, which I had been meaning to read for a while. We also tasted of the great Apizza School's, and played free pool while listening to free jukebox tunes (fiery furnaces).

Saturday night we stayed with a stranger found via He turned out to be pretty cool and we capped the night off at a folk music house show somewhere in the bluffs of Portland. I have to figure out how to move to Portland, its pretty sweet.

Then on the 4th of July Sam and I took a bus to Cannon Beach where we witnessed a parade and acquired an impressive quantity of candy. Pam and Aaron drove in a little later and we walked around on the beach and had sausages with grilled onions. I also had some time to hang out in a coffee shop--always a good time!

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