Day three: yet more miles

Today we successfully, and somewhat to my surprise, rode 63 miles without major problems. The first 28 miles culminated in a 3 mile climb up Mt. Walker. At the summit (no view) we devoured the sandwiches we had bought at 22 miles in some small town. We rode 14 more miles after the summit, rested on the shore of Hood Canal for a bit, and finished after 18 more miles in Hoodsport for a big dinner at the Model T pub, which is a highly recommended place. I definitely felt worn out during the last 3 miles to the campsite, with my saddle contact points finally becoming sore. The neck is the number one sore spot, though. Tomorrow we're meeting Aaron in Olympia for some capital hanging out and a ride down to Centralia. Good night, although I have no service here and will therefore post tomorrow.

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